Saturday, 1 October 2016

Nautical wall display

Looking to accentuate your wall with colour, texture and/or a theme? You may want to scale it down a bit, but this project could make for a great conversation piece as well.

If finding these nautical supplies is a problem, you can find them here

These buoys come unpainted so to achieve a rustic look, paint a base coat, apply any crackle medium, and apply another coat (of your choice of paint colour) to make your buoys appear old and worn. Voila!

This photo was taken from the ocean front Dennis Point Cafe here in Pubnico Nova Scotia, Canada.

Nautical decor wall display

Friday, 30 September 2016

How to make a pine cone garland

Who new had this and many more wonderful tutorials? Here's one I like:
 Add rustic charm to your holiday decor with this simple DIY pine cone garland by following this link:


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nautical rustic decor

Gina Luker over at The Shabby Creek Cottage made a beautiful ottoman from an old coffee table. Her idea and tutorial is brilliant, so you should check it out!
I thought I would share this nautical themed project put together by Stephanie Anne D'Entremont our resident fashionista here in Acadie! Steph's final product became a bench made from an old lobster crate.
If you get inspired, don't forget The Shabby Creek Cottage's tutorial for a coffee table and crack on.
bench made fro lobster crate

Yard sale finds!

Wouldn't this giant barn door make a perfect accent wall or room divider?

barn door for accent wall or room deviders

What a lovely country cabinet. Would you keep it this colour or freshen it up with a new coat of paint?

Exactly nine lines (prompted by

I searched online for a recipe that would  be perfect for a Harvest Festival.
I found an pumpkin pie fudge recipe that sounded appetizing.

4 reasons why women should never breastfeed in public!

So true! Check it out here
I love her!
Via: Kristina Kuzmic

4 reasons why women should never breastfeed in public

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Christmas in July?

Wow! Here in Canada dollar stores have already begun stacking their shelves with Christmas paraphernalia and it's only September 19! I think they begin earlier and earlier every year. Soon it will literally be Christmas in July!
In your opinion, what would be a decent and acceptable time to begin the commercialism of Christmas?
Walmart Christmas decorations in September