Monday, 20 February 2017

Nauti Nova Scotia?

Check out my new Etsy store lovingly titled 'Nauti Nova Scotia'. Here's a peek...

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Terracotta kids

My new summer project. How cute are these? (Source: unknown)


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Don't lose your marbles!

Thy Nguyen  (Facebook) said "Cute necklaces made from attaching marble to acorn cap.  To get the cracked marble look, you heat up the marbles in the oven (20min at 400) and immediately soak it in an ice water bath."


Saturday, 14 January 2017

The A word?

The A Word is a 6-part drama series about a messy, extended family with a child newly diagnosed with autism at its centre.
More about the mini series here.
Series Premiere Sunday January 15 @ 8:00 pm on CBC

Leg sleds

I typically like to share DIY and crafting projects, but these were too cool not to share!

Homestead and survival posted this video demonstration of 'Sled Legs'.
Due to better control and compact size, these leg sleds are the perfect alternative to crazy carpets and toboggans

Find them here.

Heart strings

This projects looks pretty difficult but you will see the simplicity once you view this tutorial.



Time out stool?

Via: Do Make Sort Create
A trip to your local Home Improvement store for wooden spindles and cut outs, and 
a left over soda bottle and you have this crafty little time out stool.

Friday, 13 January 2017

projector film butterflies?

Fiona Flowerdew (Facebook) wrote "Downloaded pics of butterflies and dragonflies from Google, printed on overhead projector film, worked out great! Glittered and crystalled a few, experimenting with gel pens, felt tip pens and acrylic paint to see how it takes on the film. She did a beautiful job!




Nostalgia retro series

The perfect breakfast station for camping. 
You can fry, perk and toast all at once!
And the colour....❤️


Vintage camping?

I envy the talented individuals who brought new inspiration to these old trailers.
Here a five of my favorites from Pinterest. The styles go from rustic, vintage, chic and glam.