Friday, 11 November 2016

DIY owl ornaments

How to go from plain toilet paper rolls to cute owl ornaments...

Paint them!

For the body, glue on some scrap yarn, feathers, paper...

Use a different colour twine to make ears...

Use the tips of skewers to make a beek, glue on or paint some eyes and use construction paper to form wings! Tada!







Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Turn Empty Jars Into Stylish Christmas Candy Jars | Hometalk

"I see a DYI project in my future. Thanks for sharing." Said one viewer about this project. See why here:

Via Shawna B. Hometalk team


plastic spoons?

Could a Christmas tree made of spoons look festive? One viewer thought so!

This tutorial via Jocie@Oneprojectcloser


Coffee break anywhere?

Do you miss your Keurig when you travel? This single K-cup French Press travels with you! Yay! No more nasty hotel room coffee. It works great. 


Cheap and effective bathroom cleaner

I decided to to put this cleaning concoction together and try it out for myself, after all, I had nothing to lose except maybe grimy stains, right?

This is a photo of the culprit.(my shower stall) As you can see I've already sprayed the shower with my handmade cleaner. Once sprayed I noticed the cleaner was thick enough to coat the stall without running down the sides and down the drain.

Leave the cleaning solution to do its thing for about 30-40 minutes. Some stubborn stains will take a bit of elbow grease, but the most stains will come off with just a swipe of a damp cleaning rag!  The following photo shows you my "AHA" moment!

So what is this cheap, two ingredient miracle solution? Prepare equal amounts of vinegar and dish detergent into a spray bottle. Before you do though, place your measured amount of vinegar in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Yup, you heard right! Voila!



Edible ornaments?

She used some old ornaments, spray painted them brown, and a few steps later they look good enough to eat!

Find the tutorial here: