Saturday, 28 January 2017

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Don't lose your marbles!

Thy Nguyen  (Facebook) said "Cute necklaces made from attaching marble to acorn cap.  To get the cracked marble look, you heat up the marbles in the oven (20min at 400) and immediately soak it in an ice water bath."


Saturday, 14 January 2017

The A word?

The A Word is a 6-part drama series about a messy, extended family with a child newly diagnosed with autism at its centre.
More about the mini series here.
Series Premiere Sunday January 15 @ 8:00 pm on CBC

Leg sleds

I typically like to share DIY and crafting projects, but these were too cool not to share!

Homestead and survival posted this video demonstration of 'Sled Legs'.
Due to better control and compact size, these leg sleds are the perfect alternative to crazy carpets and toboggans

Find them here.

Heart strings

This projects looks pretty difficult but you will see the simplicity once you view this tutorial.



Time out stool?

Via: Do Make Sort Create
A trip to your local Home Improvement store for wooden spindles and cut outs, and 
a left over soda bottle and you have this crafty little time out stool.

Friday, 13 January 2017

projector film butterflies?

Fiona Flowerdew (Facebook) wrote "Downloaded pics of butterflies and dragonflies from Google, printed on overhead projector film, worked out great! Glittered and crystalled a few, experimenting with gel pens, felt tip pens and acrylic paint to see how it takes on the film. She did a beautiful job!




Nostalgia retro series

The perfect breakfast station for camping. 
You can fry, perk and toast all at once!
And the colour....❤️


Vintage camping?

I envy the talented individuals who brought new inspiration to these old trailers.
Here a five of my favorites from Pinterest. The styles go from rustic, vintage, chic and glam.

Double parking?

Enough said...


Electronic charging station

This attractive charging station can charge up to four electronic devices at once. Perfect for your busy family. 


Clever Cutter

Would you like a gadget that could replace your kitchen knives AND cutting boards?

     .  (Afflink)

Grocery cart bags?

 How great are these "trolly" bags?
They fold together in one complete piece, with a carry handle.
You bag your groceries within your cart, roll them out to your car and separate the bags to stow in your car!

Check out the video tutorial here


Vintage fork tine jewelry?

Nikki Rademacher (Facebook) is sooooo talented!

She starts with an old silver fork...

...and turns it into this dainty piece!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hope and despair of Acadians

Beginning in 1755, nearly 10,000 Acadians were taken from their homes and forcibly deported to the British colonies and England in scenes of woe and distress. Their houses and farms were confiscated or burned. Families were deliberately separated.

Learn why the English had the French deported starting in 1755. It may sound like a fuggly old artical, but this story also explains how Cajuns came existence. Next time you think of 'Mardi Gras', think how it all began.



According to Wikipedia, Apophenia is the human tendency to perceive meaningful 
patterns within random data.
I experience Apophenia by just looking at my tile floor.
 Do you see a puppy in the tile below?

DIY canoe pond?

Dianne G. Dobbs said ..."long story short this canoe sat in our backyard for 2 yrs never touched ..... so I said this canoe is gonna see water one way or the other and I did this.. love it!"



A little Anecdote


Birthday cake in a mug!

Jacqueline Plouffe Cebuliak said "Mug cakes! Marble cakes baked right in mugs. Add vanilla-choc swirled icing & top w/sprinkles & a cherry. Easiest bday cake I've ever made 😄👍  For my girl's 14th bday-her's is in the middle w/straw-candles ;)  & her friends get to keep/take home thier fave mug!"


Kiss a ginger day?

Details here.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

DIY Below cabinet spice Organizer

This DIY project is perfect for those of us with very little cabinet, counter or shelf space. Extremely simple tutorial from Goodful here.


'The Gambler' themed laundry room?


Barn bunk beds

Mike Zemple said "Triple Barn Bunk Bed I built for my 3 three boys!! Watch the video tour (link in the comments) for details and features."
Make sure to view his tutorial below.

Acadian Greeting cards

Do you know any Acadians or Cajuns?(Acadians in Louisiana)
If no, these cards will still crack them up. Have you ever listened to a French person speaking English with a thick French accent? These cards may be tricky to read, but are so funny once you get the gist! Check them out here.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

calling all lighthouse fans!

If you like exploring and/or just viewing lighthouses, look no further than Nova Scotia Canada!

Backyard bar?

This project began with just a shed in the backyard. I know mine would be full of tools and such, but surprisingly this one was not! 

The "bar scene" below!

Crate storage unit

Rob and Courtney M said "If you're in need of storage but don't want to go out and buy a cheap, plastic cabinet or drop a bunch of money on a nice storage cabinet, here is a great solution!"
Try to guess what they created with just the supplies featured below.
Find the results here.


Monday, 9 January 2017

The Greenlid?

      These Canadian brothers made it big on Dragons' Den are making it easier for you to compost, and save the planet in the process.

Find out how here.


Bring the outdoors in


Shark in the WATERmelon?

Although this project is rather self explanatory, it does look like a "labour of love". 



Crib rail Organizer



Where is Pubnico Point?

Even after a snow storm Pubnico Point Trail is nothing but breath taking.

The trail follows the Pubnico Point shore line as seen in the following diagram.

Protect your home with light bulbs?

Yes, it's true, these light bulbs can protect your home! How?
Check out the video tutorial here.


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Baby's Owl Cocoon blanket

Via: Grammieshats Etsy shop
These Owl Cocoon Blankets would make much loved baby shower gifts!


Suitcase dollhouse

This has got to be the most efficient dollhouse EVER! It's compact and is easy to set up, plus there is no dismantling as everything stays inside the suitcase when your done. 


Cordless jacket?

How many women, including myself, are always cold? I found this pretty little number with a pretty little price tag so I thought I'd share. Follow the link to see more colour choices, sizes, styles and price ranges. There are jackets for for men too!


Repurposed ceiling fan blades

This accent piece is made from an old table leg and four ceiling fan blades!
This would look great at the campsite or backyard fire pit.



Summer wreath

 We often relate wreaths with Christmas time but this wreath is proof that they are appropriate for all seasons.